iCivics Guide to the U.S. Constitution


$ 4.99

Look no further for a simple and engaging way to introduce your class to the Constitution! Incorporate the new iCivics Guide to the United States Constitution into your regular curriculum, use them as a Constitution Day activity, or keep the set handy to distribute as a quick reference guide throughout the year.

This student-friendly guide to the U.S. Constitution teaches the essentials of the Preamble, Articles, and Amendments. The first page details the Preamble and summarizes Articles I, II, and III; the second page covers Articles IV through VII; the third and fourth page contain a detailed timeline and summary of the Bill of Rights and all subsequent Amendments.

These laminated, reusable guides cover all the highlights, using both easy-to-understand language and excerpts from the Constitution’s text. Order them individually or as class sets. This item is full color and measures 8 1/2" x 11". Appropriate introductory tool for all grades. 

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