Constitution Bundle


$ 320.00

Bring the Constitution to life for your entire class with this themed teaching bundle designed for whole class use. You get one Colonies to the Constitution: Teacher's Guide, 20 Colonies to the Constitution Student Workbooks, and 20 high-quality iCivics Guides to the Constitution.

Used together the resources are perfect for unit study or serve as textbook/reference guide combos in semester-long and specialty classes. Planning to celebrate Constitution Day with your students? Full-color and perforated one-off readings and activities can be selected for individual use. iCivics lessons are Common Core aligned and written specifically with students in mind. Lesson activities incorporate vocabulary and concept reinforcement, map skills, excerpts from primary documents, and a host of graphic organizers.

Each student workbook features 19 captivating and carefully sequenced lessons that explore the events leading up to Constitution, how it established the structure, function, and powers of the U.S. government, and how its governance played key roles in significant events following its ratification. With easy-to-follow step-by-step lesson plans, specially crafted essential questions, well-written learning objectives, corresponding student workbook pages, projection masters, gray-scale copy masters, and answer keys, the Teacher's Guide offers all you need to implement each lesson in one convenient place. Laminated iCivics Guides to the Constitution can be reused as reference tools for years to come.

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