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If you love iCivics' games and lesson plans, then you will love these classroom curriculum materials! We've spent a lot of time working to make these high quality lesson plans, workbooks, and activities. 

There are two sets of materials:

First we are are offering high quality printed Student Workbooks and Teacher Guides. These materials are complete sets of lesson plans that reflect a unit of study within the iCivics curriculum, such as understanding the foundations of American government or how our elections work. The Teacher Guides have a lot of additional information to complement the Student Workbooks, and contain full sets of copy masters of the student materials. 

Our game-focused iCivics To Go curriculum set supports the teaching of the three branches and the Constitution through our games and short activities. This material is completely GAME FOCUSED. It does include Starter Activities, shorter Lesson Plans, Game Guides, Post-Game Activities, Essay Prompts/Rubrics, and Assessments. It has both teacher and student facing content.