iCivics Elections Collection!


$ 143.00

Roll out an election curriculum with iCivics!

Teaching your students about elections in America never goes out of style! Special elections, state elections, local elections, even the 2020 presidential race, let iCivics 2018 Elections Collection help your students learn that the ultimate power of our democratic government lies in the future voters they'll become.

Each Elections Collection has one (1) Elections in America Teacher Guide, 10-30 Elections in America Student Workbooks*, and 10-30 iCivics pencils to use as you choose. Select the size that best meets your class needs: small (10 workbooks & pencils), medium (20 workbooks & pencils), or large (30 workbooks & pencils).  


Please note, the Elections in America Student Workbooks are in multiples of ten in this bundle, but they are also sold individually if you need an exact number that isn't a multiple of ten. 


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